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Black Cap Berry Vinegar

Black Cap Berry Vinegar


This is a native plant reaching as far north as Quebec and can also be found in Mississippi. It thrives in areas that have been disrupted and cleared out so you will find it growing near train tracks, logging trails, and lakes.

I know about black caps because my grandfather made jam with it. He only gifted me his jamming equipment if I promised to continue to make him batches.

The center for black cap production is located in the Willamette Valley in Oregon near where I grew up in Portland. I spent a large portion of my summers picking these berries with my cousins on dirt roads.

"One for the bucket one for me".  

This last summer I spent an entire day picking these berries on a back trail located in Ghent, New York at Kinderhook Farm. I can only assume you don't see these much because they are small and therefor harder to pick and produce a smaller yield.

Small and mighty but the flavor is all there, and I will be so stingy with my bottle all year until I can do it all over again. ONLY 24 BOTTLES

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