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Ocean Vinegar

Ocean Vinegar


The 3 amigos of the ocean Kombu, Bladderwrack, and Irish Sea moss. 

Edible kelp is a marine macroalgae. These varieties are sourced from Penobscot Bay, Maine, by Atlantic Holdfast Seaweed Company. It forms dense underwater forests in areas characterized by deep swells and active surf. They describe the harvest as a "rodeo-esque balancing act" between the algae, the harvester, and the incoming waves that push the boat towards nearby rocks and ledges.

Added to a pot of beans, ocean vinegar will reduce cooking time, thicken the texture, and enrich the overall flavor of the finished dish.

Seaweed is both the first known multicellular organism on the planet, and the first organism known to reproduce sexually. This vinegar is raw and alive so it will grow another mother if you leave it open.

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