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Tarragon (dragon)

Tarragon (dragon)


Not a familiar herb to me growing up. My first exposure to tarragon was cooking with it in professional kitchens. It is a mighty beautiful slender green looking petal that packs a lot of flavor.

That flavor is a mild mint and anise combo.

Shake the bottle and get a good smell of this vinegar before you sip it! 

Fun history food facts....

It is the flavor and color of Tarkhun. A popular soft drink of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia (where it originally comes from) and by extension Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The drink is made of sugar, carbonated water and of course tarragon leaves. 

Tarragon is one of the main ingredients in Chakapuli, Georgian national dish.

In Iran, tarragon is used as a side dish in sabzi khordan (fresh herbs).

In Slovenia, tarragon is used in a variation of the traditional potica. 

Since I just discovered I am a good amount Swedish, seems worth mentioning the herb is called "dragon" by my fellow Swedes. 

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