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Vinegar Club

Vinegar Club


This delivers four packages of vinegar in a year.  Yes, one every three months. Three of the packages will have two kinds of vinegar; one will have vinegar and preserved lemon paste.

You'll get celery, rose, kombu, and lavender vinegars (one of each). The remaining three vinegars will be limited-run batches that won't be available in stores (and that usually sell out quickly here in the online store).

Each package will also include info on sourcing and why I made the vinegars, as well as recipe ideas and – now and then – other fun stuff! Shipments will go out in July, October, January, and April.

The price includes shipping. There will be a limited number of these sold and it will not auto-renew. I fucking hate it when stores auto-renew. 

But wait there's more!  Club membership also includes a 15 percent discount code for any additional purchases.  

I will also email you to confirm your shipping info and send tracking before they go out.