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Celery Vinegar

Celery Vinegar


This is the one that started me down the vinegar hole. I wanted to make celery soda from actual celery. The short story of how I make this vinegar..... I buy fresh seasonal celery, blend it, inoculate it, then it hopefully turns into wine, and then vinegar. It's monitored for the perfect balance of acid and pH. This vinegar is raw and alive so it will grow another mother if you leave it open. Store in a fridge after opening for the intended flavor profile. 

This celery is grown by several small local farms that are obsessed with mineral-rich soil which keeps this salty veggie bright and robust in color as well as abundant in nutrients. Celery is very porous so it’s imperative that no chemicals are used. This is green gold. 

Great for finishing cooked beans, raw oysters, sodas, potato salads, or finishing any dish really. This vinegar is seasonal and very limited. 

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