TART is a small batch raw vinegar brand established in 2019 by Chris Crawford, a former line cook based in Brooklyn, New York. For all questions, comments or concerns please email tartvinegar@gmail.com.

Located in the Navy Yard
141 Flushing Ave #1218, Brooklyn NY 11205.

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Once a week we fulfill all our orders and ship them using UPS or USPS ground. If the weather is extremely cold or hot, we may decide to delay shipping your order. This is for its own good. It’s a raw product and can be affected by extreme temperature exposure just like you.

The most frequent email we receive is something along the lines of….. “The tracking says my order was delivered but it’s not here”. Don’t stress. For whatever bonkers reason this is very common. First double-check the address you inputted for your order. Then if you don’t receive it within a few days more, reach out to the carrier to report a missing package and then us. We are not responsible for any packages lost or stolen and cannot offer refunds after proof of delivery.

If your item arrives damaged please send an email with a photo within 3 days of receiving it to tartvinegar@gmail.com. We’ll either reship another to you as soon as possible, or refund you if it’s sold out. Luckily it’s just vinegar and always fixable.


The base for all of the TART vinegars is filtered water, a raw ingredient like celery, sugar, yeast, vinegar from a previous batch, and a mother. Vinegar is a double fermentation process that starts with yeast eating sugar and making alcohol and then the conversion of alcohol to acetic acid by the genus of bacteria called acetobacter. It takes time and can depend on so many factors. When I master that I will let you know. The pH and acid are carefully monitored and once it has the optimal flavor profile established and is safe it is filtered and then bottled by hand. Acetobacter is an aerobic bacteria, meaning if the bottle is not open it will not advance in fermentation. I don’t pasteurize them, and that’s why I suggest storing in a cold space or even refrigerating. I know I know you don’t do that with your other vinegars, well this one’s still alive, it’s not highly processed, it has no stabilizers added to it, it wasn’t created in a lab using air to accelerate the fermentation and plop out a product in 24 hours to be infused with an extract and marketed strategically. I make vinegar using the most traditional methods available to me, in a factory in Brooklyn.

Well I did put boobs on my label so there is that :)


So as I mentioned above I need to use part of a previous batch to make a new batch. So what happens is I sell out a lot and the best way to know when I am back in stock is to sign up for the newsletter.


If you notice a thin clearish gelatinous disc floating on the surface of your vinegar don’t freak out. It means your vinegar is still alive and it got a little warm which provided the perfect conditions for a “mother” to form. Also it’s just a healthy disc of cellulose. Very safe to consume and even a little hydrating.


My goal is to make something so delicious. I want you to feel the heat of acid on the back of your throat but it doesn’t burn and destroy your pallet. I want your eyes to get big when you taste a sip and feel excited to use it in a classic recipe you love and also inspired to create new ways to use it. My goal is to remind you that food is fun and playful. Also I love farmers… like I am OBSESSED. So just so you know, whatever raw ingredient I have fermented and bottled, it is the best I have found and is coming from nutrient dense soil and people who care about doing things right.


The talented and handsome artist Rob Moss Wilson designed my labels. You can find him at robmosswilson.com also check out his instagram for his infrequent print sales.

Kyle is my webmaster. You can reach out to him to be your website magician also at kyle@interzonestudio.com.


I wish I could do more but am currently unable to add any more accounts due to limited inventory. Please reach out if you have an idea for a fun one time event or want to dream up something together.