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Concord Grape Vinegar

Concord Grape Vinegar


The name concord comes from the town in Massachusetts that it was created in 1849, also knows as the "fox grape". 

The skin is dark blue or purple with a white epicuticular wax that functions to decrease surface wetting and moisture loss (keeping it extra juicy). Maybe thats why it is ideal for grape jelly or sacramental wine (Jesus juice). 

Concord grapes have a slip-skin, and the pulp is easily separated from the peel. While this makes them good for eating, cooking, and juicing it also makes them hard to keep in tact and so they are more likely to not be shelved out of season. Luckily these are local to New York State and harvested in October of 2022 from the Finger Lake Region. 

I was overwhelmed by the smell, flavor and deep rich color of this vinegar. It taste like warm fall nights and will be sure to inspire you to try a new food combinations. 

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