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Perilla aka Beefsteak Vinegar

Perilla aka Beefsteak Vinegar


I take a ton of pleasure in writing these descriptions and this one really made me beam. 

In a New York Times article I found, shiso was described by some notable chefs as "not a versatile herb", another chef said "it's like cilantro, not everyone likes it, but in certain settings it is just fantastic".

Which is how I would describe myself. 

It is native to India and China and is used in Burmese, Indian and Chinese cuisines.

It is among the most popular herbs in Korea and Japan.

This perilla comes from Star Route Farm and a portion of the sale of each bottle will be donated back to the farm who actively work in food inequities. Check out the farm linked here also and donate directly.  

Oh I guess maybe you were hoping to hear about what it tastes like "it has a mysterious, bright taste that reminds people of mint, basil, tarragon, cilantro, cinnamon, anise or the smell of a mountain meadow after a rainstorm". NYTIMES

Food grown by amazing people just taste better :)

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